The Trinity J’s Bowl Fuji

The Trinity J’s Bowl Fuji Don Style (the ultimate combination: potato cream sauce, roast beef, and our original curry)

Our signature dish that represent Japanese curry at J’s. Despite its simple looks, this plate is full of surprises! The juicy roast beef and curry perfectly match the creamy potato sauce. We’ve also prepared a set with soup and salad, please try it.
950yen~(tax included)

The Trinity J’s Bowl Hime

The Trinity J’s Bowl Hime Regular Size

Eloquent and delicious, that’s our J’s Bowl’s sister, Hime! Super tasty with a hint of tomato’s sourness and the crispy smell of almonds. We’ve come up with our original sauce using almond milk, tomato, and potato, and finished the plate off with two types of cheese toppings.
1090yen~(tax included)

J’s Bowl Bushi

The Trinity J’s Bowl Bushi Regular Size

And of course, J’s Bowl’s brother, Bushi! A bit spicier compared to the other plates, and has a distinct Asian cuisine scent. This Bowl uses coconut milk with potato cream sauce and original cheddar sauce.
1140yen~(tax included)

J’s curry Plate Style

The Trinity J’s curry Plate Style(potato cream sauce, roast beef, and our original curry)

Various ways to eat our plate style J’s curry! Separate the sauce, mix them together, or enjoy the various sauces separately — you name it! The creamy potato sauce goes super well with the roast beef and curry.
980yen~(tax included)

Curry pasta with fluffy snow

Curry pasta with fluffy snow (with risotto at the end)

Our popular menu using a lot of potato cream mousse over spicy curry pasta! There are five hidden spices used for this dish. With lots of beef in it, this is a fulfilling plate!
950yen~(tax included)

steak plate

Reservations only! Number 1 dinner menu: steak plate you eat with chopsticks

We’ve come up with our original method to make the rare parts of Black Angus Beef super soft and juicy. This is our restaurant’s main dinner menu. Also comes with curry.Steak 200g/300g ¥1,680~, Beef 300g at a very affordable price at ¥1,880
1,680yen~(tax included)

Over-flowing Roast Beef Bowl

Over-flowing Roast Beef Bowl

Using twice as much roast beef as our regular bowl! 120% satisfaction guaranteed! Using three different sauces that balance out well, with potato sauce!
1,280yen~(tax included)

Roast Beef Bowl ~3 different sauces~

Roast Beef Bowl ~3 different sauces~

Almost like a steak, we’ve put special attention to aged meat. The harmony of the three sauces is excellent — sauce for rice, beef, and our original potato cream sauce just for the roast beef bowl! *The photo is taken before the sauce is added*
880yen~(tax included)

Black Curry with Beef

Black Curry with Beef

Our curry specialty using lots of beef. We’ve spent hours cooking this two types of curry sauce.
980yen~(tax included)


Draft beer cocktail For Curry 450yen
Medium draft beer 450yen
Barrel draft beer glass 250yen
Glass wine red 400yen
Tokuho Black Oolong Tea 200yen
Special Metscola 200yen
Rich mango juice 250yen