The Trinity
“J’s Bowl Fuji”

Our signature dish that represent Japanese curry at J’s. Despite its simple looks, this plate is full of surprises! The juicy roast beef and curry perfectly match the creamy potato sauce

The Trinity
“J’s Bowl Hime”

Eloquent and delicious, that’s our J’s Bowl’s sister, Hime! Super tasty with a hint of tomato’s sourness and the crispy smell of almonds. We’ve come up with our original sauce using almond milk, tomato, and potato, and finished the plate off with two types of cheese toppings.

The Trinity
“J’s Bowl Bushi”

And of course, J’s Bowl’s brother, Bushi! A bit spicier compared to the other plates, and has a distinct Asian cuisine scent. This Bowl uses coconut milk with potato cream sauce and original cheddar sauce.

Our Japanese curry shaped like snowy Mt. Fuji!

Not only we make our curry special, but also the beef around it! Our specialty, “J’s Bowl” is extremely unique and delicious. Please try this first.
We’ve also prepared several types of J’s Bowl so we’re sure you’ll find your favorite!

Our original European-styled curry
Our spicy roasted curry

We use these two types of curry sauce in our dishes.

Our original soft and juicy roast beef using the best meat and unique recipe

We’ve combined the two: curry and roast beef with J’s style. Our roast beef is super juicy, using Round (part of the beef).

Our very original, homemade potato cream sauce

This potato cream sauce gently blends the two main ingredients, curry and roast beef.
We’ve used two different types of potatoes, Touya and Kitaakari, and carefully strained them into a creamy texture.

The roasted curry stands out.
List of Japanese curries.


With these three, we present the “J’s Bowl” series

Our new additions to The Trinity “J’s Bowl”. Which is your favorite, the brother “J’s Bowl Bushi” or sister, “J’s Bowl Hime”?

You can eat these curries at J’s curry. We’ve recently been featured on the TV and internet. “J’s Bowl Fuji”, which uses roast beef with curry sauce and potato cream sauce is a very popular dish with more than 100,000 meals served.As mentioned before, we’ve been featured on multiple media.

See here for more information on where you can eat “J’s Bowl”.


Js curry review from customers!

  • suzu9110

    The combination of roast beef and curry is surprising, and it looks interesting! The essential taste is rich in potato cream, so it's mixed with stew rather than curry. The roast beef tastes smoother and gentler than it looks!